Carlos Zabaleta

Carlos Zabaleta


Gymnastic Guru


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

Growing up I’ve always known that I wanted to help people in one way or another. After being a police officer for 4 years I changed career paths and I am now a Firefighter for Jersey City. I wanted to continue helping people so why not help people feel better by working out and having a good time? Every time I meet someone new to the gym atmosphere I tell them I want them to come in and leave here feeling good about themselves. So I make sure I’m the best coach I can be every day. 

I learned a lot about myself during COVID as I’m sure everyone else did. As Covid started I came back from a ruptured Achilles injury and I was 240 pounds. I was able to find the motivation to lose that weight and make sure I was moving for at least 45 minutes to an hour a day along with eating right. I’m proud to say I was able to stay motivated and keep myself in check and now I weigh 185 pounds. I want to be able to live a long life and god willing live a long life for my future kids and be able to see my future kids kids. That's why I stay so motivated